Rules for accreditation

We appreciate your interest in our event. Please note that we can only approve accreditation requests after examining your data and only when the following rules are met.

Individuals who can obtain an accreditation are:

  • Holders of a valid and officially registered press ID.
  • Domestic or international media representatives who can provide their journalistic (photojournalistic) activity for example by submission of original named editorial articles, or of original legal notes, original contracts awarded by letter, or by providing a link to their own website / blog established in the thematically relevant target groups.

There is no right to accreditation.

In order to get accredited please write an e-mail with the following details to:

  • Name
  • Editorial Office, Publishing house
  • Address
  • Web address (if available)
  • Copy of your press ID Card or other proofs of your journalistic work